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Individual Health Insurance

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Short Term Insurance Plans

A Short Term Insurance plan is a good fit if you need to bridge a gap for a short time when you’re uninsured. Short-term plans give you limited coverage for a limited time until you can move to a more permanent plan. 

Individual Health Plans typically provide insurance options for individuals under the age of 65.  Plan types include Short Term, Student, Self Employed, (ACA) Marketplace and others. 

Short Term Health Insurance Plans

In times when perhaps you are waiting for other coverage to start, between jobs, or have a gap in coverage,  a short term plan may offer the benefits you need.  Short term plans offer limited coverage for a limited time.  Maybe you’re a recent college grad, or an early retiree. In some cases, you may choose a short-term plan to cover your children if you’re not able to get a family plan right away. 

Reasons to consider a short-term plan may include:

  • Missed open enrollment and don't qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

  • Have a gap until your ACA plan starts

  • Desire to have coverage until you join Medicare

  • Turned 26 and no longer on a parent's plan

  • Gap in coverage (waiting for benefits to start, or in between jobs)

  • Under 65 and generally healthy

Student Health Insurance Plans

College students and their families may benefit greatly with a Student Health plan solution.

These plans may provide better benefits and cost less than other plans.  In some cases, they can cost less than staying on an employer sponsored family plan.

Student Health Insurance Plans

These plans are designed with students in mind and in some cases provide added benefits.  These plans are typically designed to provide coverage for a limited time (while attending school) and the beneficiary is generally part of a younger and healthier population.   Lower rates may be possible partly because of these characteristics.

Families and students can receive high-quality coverage and save money.

Any benefits a Student Health plan might provide are based upon the specific insurance plan issued by the provider.  In some cases, benefits can include:


  • Lower cost deductibles and premiums.

  • Comprehensive benefits, including added services not always found with other plans.

  • Greater access to national and local networks of physicians and behavioral health specialists.

  • Better coverage for school-sponsored, on-site health clinics and virtual visit services.

(ACA) Marketplace Insurance Plans

ACA insurance plans are sold on the health care Marketplace (also called the Exchange). In most cases, ACA plans are subsidized by the Federal or State government, which typically leads to a lower monthly premium.

ACA Health Insurance Plans

Generally, ACA plans are plans people can buy on their own, instead of through an employer or another government-run program, like Medicare or Medicaid. An ACA plan is a good fit if you, or your family, need coverage for a full calendar year.

Consider an ACA Health Plan when:

  • Your job doesn’t offer health insurance

  • You want long-term coverage for your family

  • You want comprehensive benefits 

  • You qualify for a premium tax credit

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